Berlin Marathon Debut Complete Desaster

Leidig’s running deteriorated severely after KM 25, at a point where he was still running in a group with the three contestants competing for the free ticket to the London-Marathon in April 2011, the special prize announced by the organizing SCC Berlin in the bb4/3 seniors competition. Earlier this year bigmouth Leidig had claimed to go for a win in this competition and was on his way after holding his opponents at the Berlin-Citynacht-Run. But his behaviour after KM 25 in the Berlin Marathon was a mere surrender. He stayed behind, decreased the tempo, grimaced and virtually jogged to the finish line. Horst Ungewickell of LTC Berlin took the race and the London-ticket with a clear 3-minute-lead ahead of Leidig, for whom all there was to say was: »Congratulations to Horst, great performance, good luck in London.« But the Team Leadership gave an objective and outspoken analysis afterwards: »What a disastrous race. Embarrassing. Our athlete had been on a very conservative race-strategy already, but he was not even able to hold this very slow pace. He clearly had a lack of long training runs and so he got righteously humilated. Just two thousand kilometers of training and then going for a marathon? This guy is joking. This is no sports, this was a little bit of exercise while having fresh air. Believe it or not: Eleven Ladies were faster than him. This looks like the end of a career which never took off the ground and was never promising. Mortifying experience. We apologize to our audience and the people who visited the race-course. We apologize for what they saw: An old man waiting in vain for the second wind and the pain in his legs to go by. It did not happen. Definitely one of the worst debuts on the marathon we have ever seen. We will double his training. We will send him to the gym. He will run cross country throughout the winter. We will make very clear to him that competetive running has nothing to do with fun, life-style or any other luxury. Train hard.«

Ergebnisse Berlin Marathon 2010

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