Nine Seconds to Triumph

Ergebnisse Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-LaufThe longer the season the stronger 36-year-old Leidig of KLTOUR. At the 28th Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Cross-Country-Run he finished second in the 3,6km competition with 164 participants, just nine seconds behind strong youngster Fabian Hirt (born 1988) of LAV Tempelhof/Mariendorf, who recently finished fourth at the 800m Berlin-Brandenburg Championships (Jugend B) with a personal best of 1:59. Leidig was able to stay ahead of third, Fabian Clarkson (born 1990) of SCC Berlin, and fourth, Hirt’s Teammate Robert Wohlgemuth (born 1988). For Leidig this not only meant a crushing victory in the 35-agegroup, but that he is more than in touch with the competitive youth. After the race he said: »Hirt took the lead from the start and was setting the pace. Nobody was challenging him, so the race took off very slow. I stayed behind, maybe fifth or sixth, planning to attack on the last ascent. There it was easy to get rid of the other competitors and on top Hirt’s lead was less than 10m. But he took the downhill-portion furiously and in the end I had not enough power to tackle him.« But he denied that there has been a clash of generations: »Yeah, the guys are 20 years younger than me, but who cares. Truth is on the track and this is no beauty contest. Hirt was doing just enough to win the race and secured a 9-second-lead in the end, ok, but the others could not even attack me. But this and the next season is all preparation. We will meet in two years time, maybe Koona.« Having said this Leidig disappeared into his transition-period. KLTOUR will announce next week whether the 2005-season will be stretched by a couple of weeks to allow some more outstanding performances.

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